Rate Card 

National Rate...........$4.00 per column inch
 We do recognize national advertising agencies and their commission policies. Unless check accompanies order, all advertising billed first day of month at our open rate. If
any discounts are allowed, account must be paid in full by the 20th of the same month. Cash in advance rate is $2.50 per column inch (No Discounts). 

Local Rate...$ 2.50 per column inch
non-discountable paid in advance.
Art work, cuts or illustrations in art service books or computer disk system are
provided free of charge for your newspaper ads. Tear sheets, coop statements,
gladly furnished on request. 

Classified Display Advertising.......$ 2.00 per column inch
The Times reserves the right to reject, edit, revise and
properly classify all advertising submitted for publication. The Publisher also
reserves the right to cancel any advertisement at any time. The first insertion of
an advertisement is proof of publication. Adjustment will be made on the basis
of the first insertion only, and liability will be limited to the actual cost of the first
insertion. All ads subject to credit approval. 

T M C Product................ Not available in Seminole County.

Color Charge...................$70.00 (Minimum size1/4 page)

Pre-Prints (Inserts) Rate...................$ 90.00 
We have a flat fee of $ 90.00 for inserts. All inserts are handled in-house and inserted by hand. 

Column size..................We are a SAU standard size column  NEWSpaper.
One column equals 12 picas, with one pica between columns. Six columns per page, 21 inches tall. Classified page is 9 columns - one column equals 10 picas with one pica between columns, 21 inches tall. 

Circulation .....The Wewoka Times and our sister publication The Seminole Producer serve all of Seminole County. We distribute 6,000 newspapers, over 15,000 readers. Towns and communities we serve with their zip code: Seminole 74868, Wewoka 74884, Maud 74854, Bowlegs 74830, Konawa 74849, Sasakwa 74867. (Also serve Cromwell, New Lima, Little -without Post Offices) . These are all communities within Seminole County. We publish The Producer Sundays am, Tuesdays pm, Wednesdays pm, Thursdays pm, Fridays pm. The Wewoka Times is published on Wednesdays. WE HAVE 45 CARRIERS WITH HOME DELIVERY SAME DAY AS PUBLICATION. 

Deadlines Deadlines for publication. Display Advertising and
Classified Display ads must be in office by 12:00 noon day preceding publication
, except Sunday, 12:00 noon Friday. Classified reader type ads must be in
office by 4:30p.m. day preceding publication. 

Thanks for reviewing information about The Wewoka Times. We are Wewoka's Hometown  Newspaper. We serve "local news to Wewoka, Oklahoma. The
Times is family owned. Please let us know how we may serve you. For additional Information contact us 1-405-257-3341.
ads "at" seminoleproducer.com